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13th May 2004

annabastet3:45pm: Axis of Evil
My vagina is an axis of evil!

30th March 2004

nanotek12:08pm: i dont know if thats exactly how you spell it in english but check this shit out i havent seen this shit before...
reminds me a little of the russian sci-fi movie The Stalker

this might be classified so send it to everyone and let them see.


11th February 2004

nanotek7:46pm: how's it goin?

12th November 2003

purplemanatee9:23pm: WTF?!?!???///?!!!11one
WTF is up w dis communitah!?!@?!!!111one

It never has no shit on it, and shit.

I hate you!!!!!!111111one
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